Sell Asbestos Rubber Sheet

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Asbestos Rubber Sheet (CAF Jointing Sheet) is made of excellent asbestos, rubber and other chemical materials. formed by rolling after special mix-ture treatment . the sizes not larger than 0.4~6.0mm can be supplied. it is mainly for such media as water and vapor and applicable to sealing and heat-insulation used in the industries as machinery, automobiles, farm, machinery and petroleum.
Width :1500mm ,
Thickness:0.4 to 6.0mm
Density: 1.9g/cm3
Color: Blue, Green, Black, Red etc
1. High Pressure 4500 C, Pressure:110BAR.
2. Medium Pressure: 3500 C, Pressure :70 BAR,
3. Low Pressure: 2200 C. Pressure: 30 BAR
1. Asbestos Rubber Sheets
2. Asbestos Rubber Sheets With Graphited
3. Asbestos Rubber Sheets With Steel Wire Inserted
4. Wire Reinforced Asbestos Rubber Sheets With Graphied
5. Oil-resistance Asbestos Rubber Sheets
6. Acid-resistance Asbestos Rubber Sheets
7. Acid-resistance Asbestos Rubber Sheets With Steel Wire Inserted