Sell Asbestos packing

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Asbestos Packing includes:
AP 2601 Dusted Asbestos braided square packing
AP 2602 Dust free Asbestos braided square packing
AP 2603 Asbestos graphited packing
AP 2604 Asbestos square packing lubricated and graphited
AP 2605 Asbestos fiber packing with PTFE
AP 2606 Asbestos packing with PTFE and lubricant
AP 2607 Asbestos fiber packing with graphite
AP 2608 Rubber Asbestos packing
AP 2609 Inconel reinforced Asbestos packing treated with graphite & rubber
AP 2610 Rubber Asbestos packing reinforced with S. S wire
AP 2611 Asbestos Graphited Packing Reinforced with S. S wire

Asbestos packing is suitable for specific employment in the presence of high temperatures and high pressures. It is utilized on valves, tap equipment, for alternative and rotary shafts, and in the presence of oils, superheated steam, solvents, hydrocarbons, gas, ammonia, abrasive liquids.

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