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SWYB-III Aseptic Pouch FFS Automatic Packaging Machine.

This machine is a full automatic aseptic liquid packaging equipment developed and manufactured by our company with self-owned patent. The sterilization to the films is done by the soak in H2O2 liquor and dried by the aseptic air, and with the shining of UV lights. The machine can package liquid products in the aseptic environment. The aseptic environment is made by the H2O2 atomizer and the UV lights.
The machine body is made of stainless steel. And the machine adopts pneumatic transmission, PLC control, touch screen, etc. The programmable controlling equipment, filling flow rate control system (liquid level controller, PID regulating valve) , digital temperature controllers, opto-electronic switches, pneumatic parts, aseptic valves, aseptic filters, etc. are all using world famous products (PALL, Spirax Sarco, SMC, Alfa Laval, etc. ) , to guarantee the reliability and stability of the machine.
The machine can automatically finish the processes of film sterilization, pouch forming, filling, dosing, sealing, cutting, date printing, etc.
The machine can be linked with the UHT sterilizing machine, and CIP system to make up a automatic production line for commercial required aseptic liquid products. It is now one of the most advanced aseptic packaging equipment in China.

Capacity: 40006000 pouches/hour
Packaging volume: 200250ml
Accuracy: 11.5%
Power: 12KW
Supply voltage: AC380V15%, 50Hz
Air consumption: 2.5m3/min (0.8Mpa)
Steam source------ Pressure: >=0.4Mpa
----- Consumption: 60kg/hour
Weight: 2000kg
Dimensions (LWWWH) : 6000W1200W2850(mm)
Supply Capacity
6 unit per month
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