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Aseptic packaging
Aseptic packaging (AP) is often applied in packaging of liquid food such as dairy and dairy products, fruit juice, tomato ketchup, etc. Loss of color, aroma, taste and nutrient elements of the food packed by aseptic packaging is less (for example 95% of vitamin is remained) .

Seven-layer joint extrusion film produced by our company, which is applied in aseptic packaging can afford the following performances:
1. Thermal stability: no chemical or physical changes occur while aseptic thermal processing;
2. Gas resistance: prevent oxygen in the gas outside from filtering;
3. Aroma reservation: EVOH material in film can ensure primary taste of the product to be packed;
4. Moisture resistance: prevent vapor to penetrate in order to remain due moisture content in product;
5. Toughness and rigidity: have proper toughness and rigidity, which is convenient to automatically fill and seal;
6. Photophobism: prevent ray search in;
7. Wholesomeness: non-poisonous material to fully meet sanitation requirements of food.
Application of our aseptic packaging product:
1. Packaging of liquid-state milk;
2. Packaging of tomato ketchup;
3. Packaging of other fruit juice

Product structure:
Thickness scope: 80-120um
Color: transparent or black/white color
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30 days
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T/T or L/C at sight