Sell Asia Chinese jade -Double fish

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Goods material quality: China's Shanxi Province, the natural green jade
Maximum size(inch) : 11'(high)5.705'(width)2.75(Thickness)
Maximum weight (including foundation) : 1800g

Payment Options: PayPal and Credit card

Shipping/Handling Fee:$48

Insurance Fee:$5



Jade is a kind of beautiful stone. It was first made into tools over 7,000 years ago, from those humble beginnings, it slowly became the stone of choice for ceremonies, royal funerals, and personal items. Chinese people regard jade ("Yu" in Chinese ) as wisdom, beauty, grace, sincerity, and purity. As a matter of fact, jade still plays a very important role in chinese culture even today. Various jewelries are there nowadays, but people still love jade, because we believe jade can drive bad luck away and bring us good luck, health, fortune and so on. Do remember an old Chinese saying: Gold is valuable, but jade is invaluable.

About us
We come from Beijing and we alo have entitative stores in Henan , the hometown of jade in China.
We have many friends who like collection and have a very complete selling net all over China. Our items are first-hand, cheap enough and superior in quality. . hope that you can love these all.

About transnational transportatio

1) . No Handling Fee!

2) . Packaging :We have a lot of experience about packing jade which is easy to break, we use 3 inch cystosepiment to put the item in sealed package which is Quakeproof , moisture-proof and against pressure. it guarantees that the jade carving can be transported safely to any place in the world.

3) . We choose the state-operated and high efficient Chinese express delivery company EMS, an international insurance carrier. so you can receive our items promptly and safely. Bid without any worry please.

4) . If you win two or more items together, we are glad to offer combined shipping Discount to you. so you will save shipping cost greatly.

5) . In order to guarantee that you can receive the goods promptly, please provide your telephone number in your receiving goods address!

6) . Because the time difference We will send the merchandise out on the 3 Business day after we receive the Payment. We will tell you the tracing code of the cargo when we mail. You can know the traffic trace of the cargo promptly and clearly.
Brand Name
Chinese manual carving
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
11X5.905X5.905X2.75 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
8 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Sale
FOB Shang hai
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 1000 days
4 pounds