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Item Specification
M. F. C14H18N2O5
Structural formula

CAS # 22839-47-0
Appearance White crystal or white crystalline powder
Assay(%) 98.0-102.0%
Optical rotation +14.50+16.50
Optical penetrable Max than 95%
Weightlessness for drying Less than 4.5%
Heat residue Less than 0.2%
Heavy metal Less than 10ppm
Arsenic (以 As计 ) : Less than 3ppm
Else substance Less than 2.0%
Organic evaporation substance Meets the requirement
5-phenyl-3.6-dioxymono-2- Less than 1.5%
Usage Aspartame is a new high-melliferous amino acids sweetening agent. It has good characteristic and is used in soda pop, fruit nectar, jam, fruity. Powder, instant coffee, frozen milk products, gelled confection, chewing gum, sweetmeat, salad - dressing agent and ect.
Packing 25KG/Paper drum