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High Intensity Sweetener
Niutang Aspartame is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar(sucrose) .

7 Kosher status
Niutang Aspartame is manufactured under the supervision of the National
Kashruth and is kosher and parve.

7 Shelf life
Two years from the date of manufacture when properly stored following the listed
storage conditions.

7 Storage
Store at temperature 150 to 300, relative humidity 35% to 60%. keep container tightly closed and inner bag sealed. Avoid high heat and store under dry conditions. Keep away
from sources of odor.

7 Packaging:
Niutang Aspartame's standard packaging is 25kg fibre drum or cartons.
Any other packaging is available upon request.

7 No dental Caries:
Niutang Aspartame neither promotes dental caries nor forms plaque.

7 Blood Glucose Level
Niutang Aspartame does not affect blood glucose levels. Therefore, diabetics can enjoy its sweetness.

7 Flavor Enhancing
Niutang Aspartame enhances flavors, especially citrus fruit flavor.

7 Application
Aspartame has been approved in more than 100 countries and used in dozens
Of product categories. It's sugar-like taste and high intensity sweetening power
Can help you to make sugar-free, low-calorie diet or light products.

Commodity Name:
Structural Formula:

Molecular Formula:

Molecular Weight:

White crystalline powder oderless with strong sweettaste, its dilute solution is approxsimately 200 times sweeter than sugar, having a taste closely similar to that of cane sugar possessing a clean sweet tase of sugar without any bitter or metallic taste, the PH value of its aqueous solution (0.8%) being 4-6.5, unstable in aqueous solution easily decompose to lose sweet taste, rather stable at low temp, and PH value being 3-5 slihtly soluble in water(approximately 1%) and in ethyl alcohol(0.26mg/100ml)

Purity(on dry basis) :
Loss on drying(1050 4hr) :
Residue on ignition(sulfated) :
Specific rotation :
Arsenic(As) :
Heavy metals(Pb) :

White crystal or crystalline powder

It's used as a food additive, a new kind of low Calorie, nutritive, intense sweetener.

In laminated drum of 25Kgs net each with plastic lining.

Foods Fit to Be Added to by Aspartame

Kinds of Drinks
Kinds of Food

Gas-filled soft drink Milk
Non-gas-filled soft drink Beancurd milk
Alcohol-contained drink Coffee
Fruit juice drink Fibre drink
Fresh fruit juice Yogurt drink
Hot cocoa mixed drink
Instantly-dissolving drink

All kinds of sweets
Sweet jelly
Cake Filling Jam
Nutriment lcecream
Nutriment Chocolate
Oatmeal Mooncakes

All kinds of medicinal preparation

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