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Delannite. AS fiber is a newly developed special fiber by Shenzhen Oceanpower Engineering technology Co, Ltd. . As an additive for stabilization and enhancement, it replaced the traditional asbestos and lignin fiber. The characteristics of this fiber are followed: high tensile strength, good oil absorptiveness, high temperature resistance, no swelling, good absorption capacity and stabilization of chemical property, etc. It is used to asphalt pavement to improve the performance of asphalt. It is made of polyacrylonitrile fibers, a new material successfully applied in various projects around the world.
Advantages of Delannite AS fiber
 Thermal resistancecan reach to 2200C, and meet varieties of working temperature
 Enhancementreinforcing properties improve the shearing strength of the asphalt mortar at high temperatures
 Operableeasy mix, especially for high-content asphalt
 Prevent cracksavoid the formation of cracks by enhancing the ductility
 Generaladapt to all kinds of asphalt
 Cyclenot affect the cycle use of asphalt