Sell Asphalt Mixtures Heat-preserving Tank

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1. Advanced technology and reliable performance fill up the domestic gap.
2. This series has its own power generating equipment, which can be matched with a variety of domestically produced transporting vehicle to accomplish some functions, such as, transfer of mixed materials, storage and secondary mixing, etc.
3. There are two ways to heat asphalt and keep it warm: liquefied gas and external electric source. It features: high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Using high efficient heat conducting system to heat and keep warm repeatedly. It is effective to avoid partial aging and dry.
5. Entire hydraulic-driven system to operate, convenient use and reliable performance.
6. Hydraulic breaking, excavating and compressing instruments can be equipped to promote the utilization ratio of the equipment effectively.
7. Advanced electric automation control, stable performance, safety and reliability.
8. Unique heat-preserving structure, long heat-preserving time with a dropping index below 10/h.
9. Advanced asphalt transfer structure makes the transferring speed adjustable.