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Botanical Origin: The root of Astragalus membranaceus(Astragalus, Huang-qi, Milk-Vetch Root) .

Formula: C41H68O14

Appearance: Yellow brown powder.

Test method: UV/HPLC

Content: 0.3%, 5%, 10%, 30%, 90%.

Function: It is traditionally used for its immune enhancing properties, but is also recommended in TCM for "deficiency of chi" (life force) ( which might include symptoms such as lack of energy and fatigue.

A Chinese immune system booster, heals burns and abscesses, offsets adverse effects of cancer therapy, protects the heart against viral damage. Used as a tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a member of the legume, or bean, family. It has sweet-tasting roots (the parts used medicinally) .

Researchers in the United States and China have begun to believe that Astragalus may very well live up to its 2,000-year-old reputation as an immune system booster. It is one of the most commonly used herbs in all of Chinese medicine to build up the vital energy, or qi (pronounced "Chee") , It's used to promote urination, speed healing of burns and abscesses and generally bolster the body's resistance to disease. Chinese healers also use astragalus to treat the common cold, arthritis, weakness, diarrhea, asthma and nervousness. Sometimes they pan-roast the roots in honey or use them as an ingredient in soup. In Chinese hospitals, astragalus is used to help people with cancer recover from the immune system wipeout caused by chemotherapy.