Sell Astragalus Extract (Astragaloside)

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Product Name: Astragalus Extract
Part Used: Root
Appearance: yellowish brown powder
CAS Number: 84687-43-4

Mickvetch is a kind of perennial herb which is 40-80cm long, mainly distributed in Northwest China and the South of Mongolian plateau, the frigid temperate zone, the active ingredient of Astragalus Extract is astragalan. It can be used to treat Alzheimer dementia, common cold and throat ache, taken as an auxiliary substance to the chemical therapy. To improve the immunity of lung and respiratory system, milkvetch is preferable to any other Chinese medicinal materials. Besides, it can treat sweating due to debility which results from poor immunity invigorate Qi, improve the spleen and metabolism, cure general edema, dropsy and visceral straining. Because it can improve Yang Qi in spleen, milkvetch can be taken to treat anemia resulting from blood loss and women giving birth to babies.