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Specification: Astraglusalosides 0.3%-30%; Polysaccharides40-90%.

Description: Botanical Name: Milkvetch. Extracted part: root Appearance: yellowish brown powder Particle size: passed 80 mesh Astragalus is native to northern China and the elevated regions of the Chinese provinces Yunnan and Sichuan. This herbal extract has proven effective in healing infections. Research in America has shown that Astragali increases the number of T-cells in cancer patients to normal levels. Therefore, it is more effective in treatment of cancer in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Function: Immune tonic, diuretic, lowers blood pressure, Qi tonic Astragalus is useful for the treatment of: Alzheimer's disease Chemotherapy support Common cold/sore throat Immune function. Astragalus is the primary herb used in Chinese medicine to tone the immune system of the lungs. It is useful for conditions of immune deficiency that lead to spontaneous sweating. It is also used for spleen qi deficiency with symptoms of weak, low metabolism; edema; and prolapse of internal organs, as it raises the spleen yang and qi. It can be used for qi and blood deficiency caused by loss of blood or after childbirth.
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