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Product Name: Astragalus P. E.
Botanical Name: Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch. ) Bge
Plant Part Used: root
Effective Ingredient: Astragaloside or Polysaccharide
CAS No: 85085-21-8
Specification: Astragaloside 0.3% 1% 5% 10% Polysaccharide 16% 20% 50% 60% 70% BY UV
Analysis: HPLC /TLC

This herbal extract has proven effective in healing infections. Research in America has shown that Astragali increases the number of T-cells in cancer patients to normal levels. Therefore, it is more effective in treatment of cancer in conjunction with chemotherapy.
Modern Uses and Application of Astragalus(Astragalus root) :
1. General Tonic:
2. Invigorates qi to elevate yang:
3, Astragalus benefit uterine bleeding:
4, Astragalus increase immune system:
5. Astragalus benefit liver and act as antibiotics.
6, Astragalus used for old disease and more others:
7, Astragalus used for treatment of the kidneys:
8, Astragalus used to treat infertile men:
9, Astragalus treatment for cancer:
10. Astragalus treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) :
11, Astragalus used to treat AIDS:
12. Anti-viral activity
13. Chemotherapy side effects
14. Coronary artery disease
15. Heart failure, Anti-neoplastic effect.
16. Low white blood cell count
17. Myocarditis/endocarditis (heart infections)
18. Renal failure, Anti-aging and anti-stress effects:
19. Upper respiratory tract infection, Effects on the heart and blood vessels
20. Diuretic effect, Ant-inflammatory and anti-infectious effects.
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