Sell Atlantic Super Trawler

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Stern and pelagic trawling down to 1500 Meters,

Capacity: 2068 t,
Speed 14,5 kn,
Trip duration 70 days unaided,
Built: 1982 in Eastern Germany
Length: approx. 102 m
Breadth: approx. 15,50 m
Propulsion Diesel
Main engine build 1982
Power 2.854 kWt

Cargo volume: Refrigerated 1858 m3
Hold I: 895 m3 at - 320C
Hold II: 963 m3 at- 320C
Extra hold for Fish meal 380 m3
Hold for conserves Liver and fish oil 57 m3.
Ref. class P
Ref. temperature minus 28 degr. C
Refrigerant R 22

Accommodation: Crew 83 Pers.
Reserve: 7 Pers.
Crew in air-conditioned one, two, and four bed cabins
Hospital room
Combined commando and Trawl Bridge
Aft deck 43 m long
Trawl winches with 250 kN pull for 3600 m of 26 mm trawl wires
Pre-cool bunker system
Fresh fish processing system,
Freezing system
Frozen block transport and packing system
Cargo holds transport system,
Large fish processing system
Fish meal system
4 Freezer systems.