Sell Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

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This atomic absorption spectrophotometer uses flame atomic absorption method to detect elements of various things. It has the following mentioned applications:
Metal, Chemical, Education, Water quality onitoring,
Food inspections, Agriculture, Hospitals.

Optics Parameter
Wavelength Range 190.0900nm, be automatically set
Wavelength Accuracy: Full wavelength<=10.2nm
Resolution: Better than 0.3nm
Light Source: 6 lamps are controlled by the computer system automatically.
Static Baseline Stability: <=10.002A/30min
Dynamic Baseline Stability: <=10.002A/30min
Atomized System
Flame Atomized System Titanium atomized system. It takes advantage of the aero-space technology, use titanium atomized system and burner. It is more resist to erosion, oxidation, and high temperature. The design helps to increase the lifespan of the instrument.
Graphite Furnace Atomized System Sampler by hand of Cd (3ng/mL) for 11 times, RSD%<=2%, Auto sampler , RSD%<=1%.
Standard sample amount is 10~205L. Max sample amount is 705L.

Temperature Controls:
Room temperature~10000 for power system
10000~30000 for optical systems
Control recision<=1%,
Rise temperature rate>=20000/S
Temperature Range: room temperature~30000
Detecting System Automatically setting wavelength. Automatically switching slits, and other settings such as lamp current, pre-amplifier. All these parameters can be set in 40 seconds.
Flame Method Cu Feature concentration: <=0.025g/ml/1%, Detecting Threshold: <=0.005 ug/ml, RSD: <=1%
Graphite Furnace Method Cu Feature concentration: <=0.5W10-12g
Detecting Threshold: <=1.0W10-12g
RSD%: 35g/L, Cd RSD<=2% for 11 sample
Hydride Method As Sensitivity 0.11ng/ml
Pb Sensitivity 0.21ng/ml
Automatically Control System Light source and negative high pressure can be balanced automatically
Fully automated and controlled by the computer workstation.
Hydride Generator (option) Uses a turbine pump to take-in he sample flow, hat ensures that process of those low sensitivity elements (such as AS, Se, Hg, Pb, Bi, Sb, Sn, Te) can be accurately carried out.
3 way turbine pump, sample amount 1-5ml/min
Temperature Range: LCD display and chip controlled temperature. Range: 100-10000
Temperature Precision 120
Sensitivity AS <= 0.11ng/ml, Pb <= 0.21 ng/ml
Detecting Threshold AS<= 0.015ng/ml, Pb <= 0.15 ng /ml
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