Sell Atomizing Spray Pump for commercial air conditioning system

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Atomizing Spray Pump for commercial air conditioning system

Model: WKA2060130/WKA2100200/WKA2150390
Scope of application: Spraying atomized condensed water or transporting long-range condensed water

More than 5 HP air-conditioning; Cabinet-type air- conditioning; Multiple detachable air- conditioning; Fan Coil System; Frozen display case/ freezer chest; Small refrigerated warehouse

Product overview:
Commercial Air-conditioning Condensed Water Atomizing Spray Pump can save energy though absorb air conditioning condensed water and spray it to the condenser to reduce the temperature. Because when the temperature are reduced, the electricity use of compressor will be also reduced. The energy saving efficiency can be up to 10%.

Product Features
Low power consumption, low noise
Evaporation of atomized condensed water
Tolerance waterless working condition
Pulse spraying

Energy saving principle
A large amount of condensed water are produced during the running process of air-conditioning, it is very important for refrigeration industry to use these condensed water produced during the process of energy conversion, and saving energy by using condensed water will achieve considerable economic and social benefits.

The mainly using of condensed water is to improve heat dissipation to enhance the efficiency of condenser and to increase cooling capacity to reduce compressing power of refrigeration system, and the main purpose of condensed water sprayed on the surface of condenser is used to take away latent heat of water evaporation. When condensed water is sprayed on the surface of condenser, the steam on the surface of condenser can be similar to saturated water vapor under the outdoor temperature; its latent heat of vaporization is about 2400kJ/kg, and it means that 1kg of condensed water can be evaporated away 2400kJ heat. Evaporation heat absorbed by condensed water can be divided into two parts. One part can directly increase latent heat of vaporization to cool condenser more efficient, and when the high temperature and pressure refrigerant is acted on, the air around condenser will be cooled alone with decreasing the temperature of the environment of condenser to improve it. Another part can rise the humidity of air flow around the condenser to increase the cooling effect of air.

After humidifying the surrounding air and decreasing the temperature, the process can be considered as a process of evaporative cooling, so that the working environment temperature of the condenser will be decreased, the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature will be smaller, the power consumption will be less, the condensing temperature will be lower, and the working conditions of compressor can be improved to extend the life of air-conditioning.

The temperature of same humidity and condensation environment has a significant relationship with refrigeration system efficiency, the higher outdoor temperature, the less cooling capacity, and under the certain outdoor temperature, the humidity lower, the cooling capacity less.
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Supply Capacity
2000pcs per month
Available Colors
200x180x60 mm
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