Sell Attendance and Access Control KPE2003

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*Read range: 5cm-15cm, read time: less than 0.3s
*Capacity of card: 20000pcs, max recording: 20000
*Input style: standalone record and storage of three input signals of read card for entrance, read card for exit, press button for exit.
*Max number of controller: type A: 0-125 type B:0-253
*Display style: 72*38 four-line Chinese character large screen liquid crystal display, green backlight.
*Communication style: RS232 or RS485 bus network, real-time or non-real-time style is optional.
*High-speed communication: 9600-38400BPS.
*Interval setting: standalone setting in several intervals, specialize access control and attendance management.
*Power: +12VDC, less than 5W
*Operation temperature: -200C-700C
*Storage temperature: -300C-600C
*Case: engineering plastic
*Motherboard of controller is produced with SMD technology, and the quality is stable and reliable.
*Keypad(purchased by user) , 10-key film keypad.
Attendance system function
*attendance management software integrates personnel, attendance, salary and access control.
*Operate under WIN95/98/2000/NT
*Can set any amount of shifts, classification of on-duty and off-duty, overtime work and leave , automatically identify the shift of card holder.
*Flexible arrange of shift. It has the editing function of automatic shift arrangement form, solving the requirements for various shifts such as daily shift, double shifts, three shifts and on-duty.
*Several combination to inquiry the data in any interval
*Automatically treat and collect various situations including special rest, stop production , late arrival, leave early and neglect work. .
*Can automatically calculate the final attendance result and salary according to the definition of customer.

*Standalone input of entrance and exit read signal.
*The read head can be internal ( for a whole unit) or externally connected ( for a separated unit) .
*Width*height=72*39 large screen liquid crystal, four lines.
*RS232 or RS485 bus network, real-time or non-real-time style is optional.
*Two network connection styles: RJ45 and four-pin card.
*Large-capacity FLASH data storage card to ensure the data not to loss
*After successful read, the blue LED will flash, and give out special sound and change of screen content.
*Selectable case colors.

*Office building , confidential office
*Intellectual building, intellectual estate
*Bank, security, fund and insurance company
*Factory, workshop, warehouse
*Car park, road toll, vehicle channel
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