Sell Attention Refineries and refinery Mandates

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We represent a Principle who is ready willing and able to supply Nigerian Petroleum Product (Bonny Light Crude Oil) in agreed to quantities. We seek Refinery Mandates and/or Refineries in the US, Canda, Europe, and EU that may be interested in a working agreement. The agreement would require the Supplier to sell agreed to quantities of crude to the Refinery(s) , and for the Refinery(s) to sell back agreed to quantities of a range of derivatives to the Crude Supplier.

The derivatives may include, but may not be limited to:
a. Jet fuel
b. Gasoline
c. Motor Oils
d. Fuel Oil
e. Kerosine

Mandates and/or Refinery(s) that may be interested in this type of arrangement, please do contact us via email.

Thank you for considering this matter.