Sell Au Gold Dust

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I am a facilator that has a vast network of collegues that are authentic buyers. I work with Direct Sellers or Seller Mandates , ONLY ! No Long Broker Chains !!! As a facilitator I represent the seller , however because my network of collegues that are qaulified buyers we can:

* close gold bullion and gold dust transactions in 48 to 72 hours after FCS has been distrubuted, signed, and approved by buyer.

* completion of the sale of diamond parcel can take as little as a couple hours or same day as Manifest are issued, signed, and approved by buyer.

If you are a direct seller or sellers's mandate contact me at your earliest convience. Please included in your e-mail the origin(if dealing with gold bullion or dust) , GLD system, and how much bullion or dust you have available. All diamond parcels must have a recent manifest.

Commercially yours,

Dr. Ellen Summlears-Jones