Sell AudioFX Rumble Gaming Headset for the PC

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Feel the action with a built-in subwoofer!

Same high quality audio performance, tons more features, amazingly low price!
Crystal clear stereo sound and so much more! The E-D Audio FX headset is a high quality full-ear unit with a microphone certified for superior voice recognition and noise cancellation. That's just the beginning. Force feedback built right into the headset gives you the complete immersive experience.

Increased situational awareness with directional sound.
The Audio FX reproduces sound effects to give a sense of three-dimensional space, actually improving your game play! Literally feel your enemies footsteps approaching and intensifying or the rumble of engines and explosions with powerful amplified bass vibrations. The human ear cannot hear anything below 20-25Hz but other frequencies can be "felt" as vibrations. If you've ever watched movies on a powerful home theater system then you know that bass is often times more a "feeling" than a "hearing" sensation. The Audio FX's bass amplifier interprets frequencies below 20Hz and transforms them into vibrations that we can feel through the headphone earpiece. Advanced transducers located in the earpieces convert these low frequencies into real vibrations to be felt for the most realistic and immersive sound experience ever.

Get the home theater experience without waking up the neighborhood.
Enjoy PC gaming, music and movies with home theater quality sound and bass, all in your own private listening environment! The plush cushioning ensures ultimate comfort for hours at a time.

Bonus LEDs
As a bonus feature, the Audio FX has LED level meters that light up on either side so everyone nearby knows that high intensity gaming is taking place. Do not disturb!

The E-D Audio FX connects to any PC and requires no batteries. The unit is fully size-adjustable and fits any head. The in-line controller lets you adjust both volume and vibration with ease. Requires one USB port for lights and force feedback and is plug and play.
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