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Auricularia polysaccharide, which extracted from body and mycelium of Auricularia auricula (L. ex Hook) Underw. is a kind of natural active ingredient-acidic heteropolysaccharide. It contains D-xylose, D-mannose, D-glucose, D-glucuronic acid etc. as the main polysaccharide fraction.

a. It has strong anti-radiation, anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory effect, and can be used to promote cell-mediated and humoral immunity.
b. lower blood lipids and blood viscosity, anti-thrombosis effect.
c. Obvious anti-diabete effect. It can be used to reduce the lipofuscin content, enhance SOD activity and reduce the production of the harmful substances;
d. Promote the nucleic acid protein biosynthesis, and can prevent and treat the age-related diseases.

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20%,30% HPLC
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Gray-brown powder
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