Sell Authentic Air Jordan Force Fusions

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Various Authentic Air Jordan Force Fusion footwear available for store owners and other qualified buyers. Also available are major Nike lines including Air Force 1, SB Dunks, other brands such as Supra, Greedy Genius, etc, etc. Limited availability on some items as Authentic footwear can be rare. Pricing can get as low as around 50-60/pair for quantities as low as 50 pairs. Other footwear and clothing stock lots are also available. Contact us for details on availability and pricing. Footwear is guaranteed authentic and you can verify via sample. For customers in the continental U. S. only. If you are looking for delivery to countries outside the U. S. you may also inquire but availability may be limited.
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
Paypal for samples CC or T/T for order