Buy Authentic Gillette Razor Blades

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I have customers looking for various quantities of Gillette razor blades. They must be authentic Gillette Mach 3 Turbo and Power, Fusion, Venus and Vibrance blades. Can you provide these blades in both 4 pack and 8 pack quantities.

I want to be able to order minimum quantities of 200 blades but have customers wanting 600, 1200, 1800 and more. I want you to ship the products direct to my customers when I make sales. I need fast but reasonable cost shipping. I have a fast growing customer base and need low cost, quality products.
Please answer these questions;

1. Are your blades authentic Gillette?
2. Which types of 4 and 8 pack blades can you supply?
3. Can you ship to my customers direct?
4. What shipping service do you use and what are the approximate costs based on various quantities?
5. What are the per pack cost of each type of blade?
6. What types of payment do you accept?
7. Can you provide a small sample of each type of blade?

Thanks for your kind attention to my request.

Brand Name
Condition of Goods