Sell Authentic Native American Stone Carvings by Navajo Artist Sammy Smith

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M & M Trading Company offers Authentic Native American art created by artist such as Navajo Master Carver Sammy Smith.

The Bull & The Bear
By Navajo Artist Sammy Smith

Meaning ~ Great Strength and Wealth. Sybmol of Power Over All

The Bear is made of Picasso Marble mined out of Utah.
Size: 4"H by 7"W
The Bull is made of Black Marble also from Utah.
Size: 41/4"H by 7"W
The eyes of the Bull and Bear are made of Turquoise.
Combined Weight 6.25 lbs.
Made August 2004
All materials used for this carving are not man made but hand picked from natures finest creations.

This set of Marble Carvings are one of a kind. Created solely by inspiration from the great animal spirits.
Honoring the Animal Spirits
In the Native American tradition, man communicated with the Creator through interaction with nature; the birds, the forest, the animals. . . . Many chose or were given symbolic "power animals" whose strength or character reflected the human character traits of the individuals claiming the "power" of that specific animal.
Available Colors
picasso marble and black
Condition of Goods
4 x 7 inches and 4 x 71/4 inch
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1 set only availabl
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6.25 pounds