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 Throughput: 200 test/hour
Test Mode: * End-point, Kinetics, Fixed time
*Single and Double wavelength
*Linearity and Non-linearity calibration
*With and without reagent blank and(or) sample blank
* Can use single reagent and double reagent
Test Range: clinical biochemistry, turbidimetry and immunoassay tests
 Setting of test: single parameter test, multi-parameters test, combined parameters,
batch parameters test
 Setting of parameters:
*Completely open for editing test parameters, editing combined parameters and calculating parameters
* Bench top compact automatic analyzer
* Routine & STAT tests available
* User-friendly, safe handling
 Liquid petro

Main specifications:
Optical System
* Light source: 12V/20W Halogen lamp, life span>2000h
* Wavelength: 11 interference filters: 340, 380, 405, 450, 492, 505, 546, 578, 620, 670 and 700nm
Sample System
*Sample plate: two rotor rings, 64 positions for samples, all positions can be assigned as sample, standard, quality control and blank
*Sample volume: 5~50ul
*Sample auto-dilution: instrument dilutes and retests the sample automatically
* Sample needle: Auto liquid level detection function; auto-wash inner and outer wall
Reagent system
* Sample plate: 30 reagent positions, all positions can be assigned as R1, R2
* Reagent bottle volume: 30ml
* Reagent refrigeration and heating: 4~100 Crefrigeration and reagent preheating functions
* Reagent volume: 30ml
* Reagent needle: Auto liquid level detection function; auto-wash inner and outer wall
Reaction system
* Reaction plate: turnable reaction plate, 96 disposable reaction cuvettes
* Reaction Temperature: 370, temperature accuracy is 10.10
Quality control: 3 control sera levels, calculating statistical results automatically, levey-jennings QC plot. Real-time inquiry the QC, print QC results and QC plot
Data system
* Computer control: Windows XP system
* Data processing: large capacity can store test results, display, save and print reaction curve
* Print: edit and print the completed English report, can choose and edit the printing contect, support the net work report printing
Working environment
* Power supply: AC220V110%, 50Hz12%
* Electric power consumption: <700VA
* Environmental Temperature: 15~320
* Relative humidity: <85%
* Water consumption: <1000ml/hour
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
220V or 110V
Warranty Coverage