Sell Auto Faucet for hom using

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1. It is integration structure. 1pcs 3V lithium battery and all electronic parts install inside the faucet. Just need to connect the water pipe and it work. Very convenience installation.

2. Activated by an infrared sensor, prevent cross contamination.

3. Lower sensor for washing hand function. With hand with water, without hand without water. Just like an automatic faucet you used in public toilet.

4. Upper sensor for water keep running function. The first time your hand sweep above it, the water will begin to run and keep running. So you could fill enough water to wash vegetable in kitchen basin or wash face in bathroom basin. When the water enough, just sweep above it again, the faucet will stop work at once. Through this revolution function, we extend automatic faucet into home kitchen and bathroom using successfully.

5. CPU control, it will automatically shut off after being used for more than 60 seconds.

6. Powered by an 3V lithium battery. Calculate by 100 using times per day, we guarantee the both the battery and faucet work over 3 years.

7. Outstanding water saving function.

8. Filter included in Importing Mouth.

9. High-neck design, Zinc-Alloy body, ideal for kitchen and bathroom using.