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Our main product is Auto-Filter. We has certificated ISO9001, QS9000, VDA6.1 and we can produce 3 series which including 1000 kinds of filters for automobile, Engineering machine, agriculture machine, internal-combustion, gas turbine, generator, vessel, compressor.

The main materials such as steel sheet and filter paper are imported from Korea, which can ensure the high quality level of our filter products.

Air Filter
Air filter can filtrate any impurity in the air, so that the clean air can enter the engine, it make it burn completely and the air system can be more smooth, high-class quality air filter can ensure the engine work well. Our company can provide many kinds of good air filters. They can be used in any kinds of cars and machines.

Oil Filter
Oil filter is the key part in engine, it can effect the function of the engine. The oil filters made by Brother Filters Co. , Ltd. Have the following good character: high efficiency filtration, low flow resistance and long life. We can provide you all kinds of the oil filters and oil filter elements. They include full-flow spin-on oil filter, by-pass flow spin-on oil filter and so on.

Fuel Filter
The fuel filter can filtrate any impurity and water in the fuel, so that the engine can work well. It is one of the key parts in the engine system. The fuel filter produced by Brother Filters Co. , Ltd has the following merits: high filtration efficiency, high separating efficiency and long life. Brother Filters Co. , Ltd. Can produce all kinds of fuel filters, at the same time we can produce many kinds of gas filters.

Water-Separated Filter
The water-separated filter can filtrate the impurity in the engine coolant, prevent scaling , guarantee the engine to work well, furthermore the medicament in the filter can prevent eroding, scaling. So the fuel filter is very import for the engine.

Filter for Industry
These kinds of filters are used very widely in the following industries: internal combustion, engine electric power, oil field, spray painting. The main kinds are air filters for generator, compressor and so on
Supply Capacity
more than 10 thousand per month
ISO9001, QS9000, VDA6.1