Sell Auto Folder Gluer  (AUFORD AF-1400/1200/1000/800)

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1. Disco motor Speed Changer and Magnetic Clutch to adjust the belt speed for stable feeding and spacing between blanks.
2. By a single touching of the handle, the side feeder belts can be sparated so that different blanks can be changed easily.
3. Feeding paper stably by Vibratory Motor.

Bottom Lock
1. Pre-assembled folding units and the electronic type of rear folder can secure short make-ready time for the change and production of various box types and can fole boxes accurately.
2. Upper/Lower Glue Tank easy to remove fix, and clean.

Lower Gluer
1. Gluing pots on both sidas are equipped according to various box types.
2. Stable quing. Easy to control the quantity and easy for maintenance.

1. Three-rall system ensures the sttable tran sportation of boxes.
2. For the production of smaller boxes, it can be changed to two-rall system quickly.
3. Well design for folding with corrector to ensure fine production.

1. Boxes can be overlapping into pressing conveyor section, .
2. Photo-electric counter installed for prset counting and automatic mark spraying or batting.
1. Unique mechanism provides uniform pressure to facilitate more effective gluing or products.
2. The belt can be extended according to special requirement. The pressure of the belt can be adjusted by the pressure-adjustment valve or the handgrip.
3. Frequency-changed velocity modulation electronic motor to adjust the speed of the belt.