Sell Auto cutting machine

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Winda Auto Cutter represents the new frontier in the automatic conveyor cutters. Extremely fast, low power consumption and attractive design. The highest flexibility by using digital technology allows the full customization, setting up parameters for main functions, and high performances in terms of percision, high speed, efficiency, reliability, and productivity. Proper inverters are automatically adjusting the power of vacuum, according to real need of current conditions of material, lay depth(from single ply uo to 7cm, after compression) , contour shape to cut, in order to guarantee power saving.

Standard equiment:
- Interactive touch screen
- Modern and intuitive ser interface
- Digital brushless motors
- Auto-diagnosis system
- Automatic blade comsumption control
- Total compatibility with other CAD system
- Automatic calculation of cutting window
- lay feeding alignment
- Standard, V and on-flynotch cycle
- Buffer cut to facilitate unloading
- Self-learning system to improve efficiency
- Cutting process display
- Two ways unloading conveyor
- Double washable filter
- Double grinding belts with digital control of sharpen angle, speed and frequency
- Easy and fast replacement for blade and grinding belts
- Air silences

- Active blade bending control
- Drill
- Blade cooler
- Kit 20vacuum pump
- Reansfer on 2 or 3 tables
- Re-sealer
- Software accessories
- Notch management/converting
- Common lines management
- Markers joint
- Feed back data diagram
- Single pattern parameter
- Management
- Marker modification in real time
- Fabric shrinkage management