Sell Auto-darkening Lens Electric Welding Mask

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Optimal helmets have all the same great features as the racing series including a Wide View Lens that Auto Darkens in 1/16,000 of a second from a light shade of (#3.5) to a shade (#9, to #13) the instant you start welding, Auto-on/off, Solar-powered rechargeable lithium battery, full neck coverage, locking head gear with Optimal sweatband & more.

we are a professional factory to make kinds of electric welding mask, welcome friends worldwide here to have a look, we are wait for your coming, and begin our business journey, let our business busy in the future. Auto-darkening Lens Electric Welding Masks have perfect design, our products can protect workers from eyesight hurt effectually. the glass in them can filtrade electric arc, infrared, ultraviolet radiation. generally, traditional mask using normal black glass, although it can protect workers' eyesight, it has to be holded by hands, and it cannot Auto-darkening light, as a result, it still hurt workers' health. others, workers have to use one hand to hold masks, that surely will reduce the work efficiency. but, if using our products, the condition will be changed completely.