Sell Auto parts (new, used, rebuilt)

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We are dealing in automobile parts (new, used, rebuilt) of all kinds of cars like Daewoo, Hyundai, Kia and Samsung in Korea.
Our scope of supply is all spare parts such as mainly engine, transmission, generator, start motor, radiator, lamp and wheel, etc.
We are trying to supply the highest quality parts at the most competitive price to the customers.
Please inform us part informations such as part name, car maker, model, type, year and quantity for correct quotation.

Scope of supply:

- Engine
Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Engine assembly, Oil fan

- Engine-Cooling
Oil cooler, Radiator assistance fan motor, Radiator belly tank, Radiator fan motor assembly, Radiator, Water pump

- Intake & Exhaust
Air cleaner, Air Flow Sensor, Catalyzer, Intercooler, Manifold, Muffler, Oxygen sense, Turbocharger

- Engine-Fuel
Carburetor, Fuel injection pump, Fuel pump, Fuel tank, Injector, Throttle body

- Engine-Electricity
Generator, Ignition coil, Power distributor, Start motor

- Body, Interior, Exterior, Seat, Lamp, Wheel, Tire, etc.