Sell Autoamtic Box-drawing Face Tissue Machine

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1. Folding of products: V type. The paper in upper and lower positions are crossing and joining. Finished products are output in 2 lines with automatic counting and stacked out in stagger form.
2. Stepless regulates unwinding, whole machine is working synchronously, which can be speeded up immediately and have high effiency.
3. During production, tension on paper can be controlled at random to facilitate high-speed operation.
4. As per requirement, it can be equipped as following: a roll-embossment on the paper; b 1-4 color printing units.
5. Bearing and electric components are domestic famous brands.
1. Production speed: 1500~1800 sheets/min
2. Specification of jumbo roll: roll diameter: 1000mm Weight: 13~20g/m2(two ply) .
3. Machine power: 5.5kw (380v 50Hz)
4. Gas: 0.5~0.8MPa 0.3m3/min
5. Overall size of equipment (L x W x H m) : 4.1 x (1.3~1.7) x 2.3
6. Weight of equipment: about 2.5t