Sell Autoamtic Roll Core Machine

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1. This machine can produce paper core for toilet paper, plastic thin film, N. W. fabric and so on.
2. Auto cut paper pipe without stopping with trim edge of surface and unite length.
3. Bearing, electric components and convey belt are domestic famous brands.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Production speed: 8~18m/min
2. Specification of roll core diameter: 30~70mm (core diameter)
core layer No: 2~3 layers (3~7 layers can be produced by order)
3. Specification of jumbo roll: 80~500g/m2 Width 50~90mm
4. Machine power: 3.5kw (380v 50Hz)
5. Overall size of equipment(L x W x H m) : 3.0 x 0.8 x 1.6
6. Weight of equipment: about 1.5t
*There are two kinds of paper core in specification for customers` option.