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This clogs answers to the requisite
foreseen by the actual rules in subject of DPI
with release of the relative certification
CE n. 0161/10467/05 del23.09.2005
UNI EN 347  UNI EN 344.
NUVOLA Clogs are washable in autoclave up
to 1340C and in washing machine. Endowed
with extractable and antibatteric insole, gently
perfumed with lavender flaver and endowed
with antistatic insert introduced in the heel to
direct contact with the ground.
Available in colours:
Green - Blue - White - Yellow - Pink - Azure -
Red - Violet
Sizes: 35/36 - 37/38 - 39/40  41/42 - 42/43
44/45  45/46
The shape of the anatomically designed and
self-massaging clog caresses your foot with
Tested for medical personnel and paramedics.
The grained sole has been designed to offer
stability even on slippery or loose surfaces.
The lateral perforation allow the foot to
breathe and the height of the sole prevents
contact with liquids or noxious substances
Brand Name
Zoccolo Antistatico
CE; UNI EN 347  UNI EN 344
Available Colors
Green - Blue - White - Yellow
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Art. C.000-00 e -01