Sell Automatic Air pressured Thermoforming Machine

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This machine is a high-efficiency, auto baric heating and forming equipment, which we adopted the latest international technics to develop. The machine can send-sheet, heating, molding, incise side. The cycle is 3-5 seconds. The machine is used for BOPS, PVC, HIPS, PET and other plastic sheets. We designed it by engine, electricity and gas. Microcomputer controls it. It has manpower, half-auto, auto three function. The equipment's gas and electricity element is made in Japan, Germany, etc. in order to insure stability and reliability. Heating board is high-grade alloy steel made in Switzerland. It is made by special quenching technics. Its rigidity can reach 63 degree. You can use it forever. Its auto designed warm-up function shortens an hour, so that produce has improved about 12%.

The machine can produce all kinds of plastic vessel used by one time and other plastic produce. As plastic containers of ice-cream, cooling drinks, yogurt, containers all kinds of tins, preserved fruit, pickles, candy, chocolate, cake, snack, all kinds of vegetables and fruits, as well as different kinds of packages of fishery, medicine, toy, little hardware, dress, and other all kinds of commodity.