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-Fully programmable feed times
-Up to 15 different feed amount settings
-2.8 gallon feed hopper mounts outside stall for easy filling
-Snap-tight lid keeps feed dry
-Unique, patented no-clog feed dispenser eliminates clogging and feed residue for maintenance free operation
-Uses low voltage power supply for improved safety for you and your horse
-No metal edges that can hurt your horse. Made from safe, durable polypropylene

automatic horse feeder is the ideal addition to your horse stall. Its patented no-clog release mechanism feeds your horse small amounts throughout the day. Veterinarians agree that frequent, small feedings help prevent digestive problems such as colic

It's a time saver:

Feed your horse when it is convenient for you. Your horses will be fed the correct amount at the correct time automatically.

It's good for your horse:

Veterinarians agree that frequent, small feedings help prevent digestive problems such as colic.

It's safer for you:
The feeder mounts outside the stall so the feeder can be filled without entering the stall.

It's safe for your horse:
Other powered feeders require 120V power which is live all the time. The feeder uses a 24V power supply which is on only while feed is being dispensed.

It's reliable:
The feeder's patented no-clog mechanism always releases a precise amount of feed and ensures that the oldest feed is released first.

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