Sell Automatic Box-drawing Face Tissue Machine

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1. Designed speed: 800 pieces/minute
2. Production speed: 600 pieces/minute
3. Power: 380V 60Hz
4. Machine power: 150KW (exclude hot melt applicator power)
(set temporarily)
5. waste rate: <=2%(excluding the reason caused by the hot melt applicatorsbreakdown and re-feeding the raw materials)
6. Overall size of the equipment (including the crusher and stacker) :
31m X1.4m X2.5m (L x W x H) (set temporarily)
7. Specification of the product: 240,280
II. Specification of the raw materials:
1. top-sheet non-woven fabric: diameter<=600mm, g/sqm>=18
2. colored non-woven fabric: diameter<=600mm, g/sqm>=18
3. backside P. E FILM : diameter<=500mm, g/sqm>=24
4. PACKING FILM: diameter<=600mm, g/sqm>=28
5. air-laid paper: diameter<=600mm,
6. wooden pulp : diameter<=1200mm, width<=510mm
II. Basic processing equipment:
1. Teeth type crusher: It can take treated, semi-treated, untreated pulp. The feed-in volume of fluff pulp can be controlled by step-less button.
2. One ply of cotton core is formed by moldwheel and the other ply is formed by net wheel and then cut and pressed in web pattern.
3. SAP and short-cut wood pulp are mixed and laid continuously. SAP powder can be controlled by servo motor, which can follow the main machine and its volume can be controlled by step-less button.
4. Cotton core is pressed firmly.
5. Making unit for three type
6. cutting unit for blue N. W
7. The flow-guide groove unit. The flow-guide shape is designed by the customer.
8. cutting unit for elastic band
9. The round-seal unit (pressed by air-cylinder) . Embossing pattern on the round-seal part is designed by the customer.
10. The unit for adding release paper on the center. The length of release paper is decided by customer
11. The out-cut unit. The knife material is of D12. The shape of knife is decided by customer.
12. The unit for turning in 180 degree.
13. Adding unit for release paper on the center part, the length is decided by customer
14. Belt type 90 degree turning.
15. Synchronous belt type making same interval unit
16. Folding unit
17. Fast-easy tape adding unit. The length is decided by customer.
18. Small package cutting unit. It combines pressing and cutting (air-cylinder press) . The length of small package is decided customer.
19. Safety-protect gate
20. Puffed-shaft material standings are adopted on all raw materials excluding release paper and fast-easy tape. Servo motor is controlled by encode meter, photo-electric signal control, and fixed tension control.
21. There are inspectors on cutting points, re-feeding points and so on. It can tick off the waste automatically.
22. Spraying glue adopts moving electric convex-wheel switch. It can adjust on line according to the actual speed.
23. The complete machine adopt BOXILY servo control system (PPC moving controller) , servo motor-reducer-synchronous belt driving type. All turning units, cutting devices adopt servo motor and encoder separate driving. All conveyance same as the production speed adopt servo motor and increasing encoder driving. All wise servo driving units and PPC communication adopt SERCOS.
24. Frequency regulator for main motor
25. There is an auto stacker and three outputs. 8-15 pieces per bag.
26. There is a collect-dust system.
27. There are two sizes of moldwheel out-cut, round-seal and flow-guide devices on the machine.
IV. Other equipments:
1. Ten sets of rectifiers: two sets on three-piece N. W. There is one set on one set for hydrophilic (or perforated film) , top-sheet, colored N. W, air-laid paper, P. E film, small package, backside paper and release paper on wings each.
2. Auto re-feeding system: nine sets. They are on hydrophobic, hydrophilic (or perforated film) , colored N. W, air-laid paper, P. E film, small package, fast-easy tape, backside paper and release paper on wings each. .
3. Auto tension control system: six sets, unwind-material on the centre, adopt servo system. They are on hydrophobic, hydrophilic (or perforated film) , colored N. W, air-laid paper, P. E film, small package. They take puffed-shaft materials standing.
4. Computer control system (i. e. PLC-Man control-SERVO control system)
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