Sell Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine With Rotary Table

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Our machine Cem-1s components are totally consist of stainless-steel.

Some technical informations about our model Cem-1 and components are thus :

*Chassis and body-machine
*Plastic cup dropping station
*Filling stattion
*Lid giving station
*Sealing station
*Final outlet

Model : Cem-1
Capacity : 1500 pcs / per hour
Cups size : Min. Diameter 40 , Max Diameter 115
Filling range in cup : Min : 50 gr. , Max : 500 gr
Dimensions of machine : 850x850x1000
Approximately Weight : 280 kg
Metarial will be packed with : Wooden Chest
Electrical Components : Electronic card from Cemre
Pnomatic : Made in Turkey
Reductor motor : Made in Turkey

Operating system : It drops the plastic bowls automatically. It makes the processes of filling and covering as the photocell control. It makes adhering process with heat. It dates in ink. It lines up the completed cups on the table so that the person in charge can take them up.
Thanks to its photocell control, the machine accomplishes the processes of covering and filling if there is a cup. This property ensures the machine to operate without any loss.

General-rules of running of our machine Cem-1 are thus :

1. Rotary table : It enables the machine to stop faultlessly with Rotary table indexer.

2. Cup drop station : All kinds of cups are dropped without any fault by force of fingernail-system

3. Filling station :The machine has two kinds of filling system
*For Liquids : Some flavors that can be filled are thus : water , fruit juice , buttermilk , Jelly , and so on. .
*For low-liquidness : This machine has pomp system for this kind of liquids. And some flavors that can be filled are thus : water , cordial , buttermilk jelley , creamcheese , ketchup , mayonnaise , chocolate and suchlikes

4. Placing lid station : Lids which were arranged on magazine by using vacuum , are placed over cups.

5. Sealing : Lid is provided to adhere to cup by applying heat

6. Dating : The machine provides to date on lids by using ink. Numeration-system provides accurate date by force of being changed.

7. Final outlet : Ready cups are arrenged in order to the plate

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1500 pcs / per hour
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
max 30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
280 kg