Sell Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave

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Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave

specification: 800~1400

Application: Tepid-wax Dewaxing Equipment


Automatic dewaxing autoclave is the special equipment of pattern wax-melting technical in casting line. Many logical interlock can be controlled by PLC, including temperature, pressure, water level, air admission valve, air bleeding valve, wax discharge valve and door operation interlock. Except manual door-opening operation and getting raw stuff, other processing will be automatic controlled.

It is designed to ensure all safety rules, including seven protection steps of temperature safety control, pressure safety control, safety valve protection, no air admission without door closing completely, autoclave door could not open if there is any pressure in it, no air charging into the autoclave inner from outer if the inner air discharge valve is opened, excess pressure protection of autoclave door.

It is made of new kinds of heat insulator material in lower heat-conducting coefficient, and gains better effect of heat-protection and lower fuel costing, so it is really type of energy-saving and environmental protected unit.

Basic Parameters:
Design Pressure: 1~1.2MPa
Working Pressure: 0.3~1.2MPa
Heat Balance Time: 8-14s
Inner Chamber Dimension: 800~1200, 1000~1200, 1200~1400, 1500~1800
CE ISO9001-2000