Sell Automatic Die Cutting Bag Making Machine

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This machine is suitable for making die cutting bag, string draw bag, patch handbag, flat-opening bag, shopping bag, handbag etc.
Performance and Characteristics:
1. Controlled by microcomputer, stepper motor for material running (or choose servo motor) .
2. Arbitrary fixed-length, accurate and stable step photoelectric tracking, stopping automatically when the label is lost.
3. Automatic pressure synchronous punching and synchronous sealing.
4. Automatic and synchronous two-side tape gluing, automatic punching.
5. Heat-sealing decorative border, automatic constant temperature, firm and smooth sealing.
Main Technical Parameters:
Model: SRDL-700/ SRDL-800
Max. base material width (mm) : 700mm/800mm
Max. cutting length (mm) : 50-700mm
Max. Bag making width (mm) : 680/780
Speed (m/min) : 40-150m/min
Power (kw) : 3.6kw
Weight (kg) : 1100kg/1200kg
Overall Dimensions (mm) : 4500W1100W1750/4500W1200W1750