Sell Automatic Faucet

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(1) Water-saving:Water flows out when your hands approach it and it will stop at once when hands draw back, saving water dramatically.
(2) Sanitation:self-open an close to free hand from any touching, which effeciently avoids bacteria mutual infections.
(3) Intellegence:with its micro-computer controlling its action and against light and ultraviolet radiation, the faucet can sell-adjust its best detection zone, it can avoid error work. Besides it can avoid water waste with the function water self-stopped over a minutes continous detection.
(4) Low power consumption:For DC products,4AA alkaline batteries can be used fo 2 years at 300 cycles a day(note:battery must be produced by brand manufacturer, and should not be stocked over half year from its production date. )
(5) Micro-computer controlliing:The control unit is super-minisized design with intergrate circuit in detection part, which can be against moisture and humidity.
(6) Comfort:It will feel comfortable and wonderful when you wash hand.