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Automatic Flue Laminating Machine is a new generation of flute laminating machine of high precision based on the merits of similar manufacturers home and abroad. Automatic cardboard and flute sending system suitable for cardboard to cardboard, cardboard to flute lamination(A, B, C, E, F corrugated board) . It is really an ideal equipment for all kinds of high-level packing boxes. Standard equipments :
Automatic Cardboard Feeder:
1, Suction head movement of linear slippery guide system can ensure stable sheet sending and no wear.
2, Improved cardboard suction head, and 6 suckers to send sheets more smoothly.
3, Sensitive mechanical and electrical double sheet detector for the automaatic detection of multi sheet and no sheet.
4, Safety protection mechanism of cam wheel sheet-in roller to make operation more efficient and precise
Automatic Flute Feeder:
1, Strong suction motor can suck bottom sheet which will be transferred by perforated belt.
2, Electromagnetic braking system to guarantee smooth and precise high speed sheet sending.
3, Perfect design A, B, C, E, F flutes and thick board can also be smoothly sent out.
4, Cardboard and flue can be controlled synchronously by photocell to avoid mis-position of bottom sheet or cardboard.
5, LED digital countering displayer can automatically and correctly calculate the productivity.
Laminating Unit:
1, Speed adjustment by frequency control, PLC control, and easy operation. Lamination precision: +/-1.5mm(+/-0.059) .
2, Phase regulator made in Japan to adjust the error when high speed laminating at non-stop state.
3, Automatic glue supplements system to detect and supply automatically.
4, Recycling glue supply system to avoid the waste of glue.
5, Suitable for 5-layer paper and cardboard-to-cardboard.
6, Sheet-in roller (slippery proof belt) is also suitable cardboard-to-cardboard.
Pressure Conveyor Unit:
1, Upper-and-lower wide guide belt with even pressure.
2, Pressure roller has easy adjustment back and forth, heavy poise hammer, and easy operation.
3, Pressure conveyor laminates glued sheets smoothly by using frequency control to adjust speed.
Auto Control:
1, Safe and reliable motor speed adjustment by frequency control.
2, PLC control provides easy operation, easy maintenance.
3, All electrical parts are all from Taiwan or Japan to ensure sensitivity and stability.
Technical Parameters:
Model 1300 1450 1600
Max. sheet 1100 W 1300mm 1100W1450mm 1450W1600mm
Min. sheet 350W500mm 350W500mm 500W500mm
Power 12.3Kw 13.4Kw 15.9Kw
Production speed 5~100 sheet/min 5~100 sheet/min 5~100sheet/min
Dimension(LWWWH) (mm) 12530W2360W3100 12530W2510W3100 14830W2750W3300
Machine weight 5500kgs 7585kgs 8585kgs