Sell Automatic Folding Napkin Paper Machine

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1. The embossment of this machine is conducted by electric-heating to stable temperature from steel roller to fiber roller, also other material of embossment roller can be adopted as per customer's request.
2. Various folding patterns can be decided by customers.
3. 1~6 color printing can be equipped as per customers' choice.
4. Stepless adjustment is adopted to unwind the jumbo roll. The whole machine works synchronously, which can be speeded up immediately and have high effiency.
5. As per request, auto counting and outputting in alignment can be materialized.

Main Technical Parameter

Type: 170/210
Production speed(m/min) : 100-120
Machine power Kw(380V/50Hz) : 3.0
Overall size: (LWWWHm) : 4.0W0.85W1.2
Weight (Tons) : 0.9
Specification of jumbo roll(Width Wdiameter mm) : 170/210W1200 13-22g/m2 (2ply)
Type: 220/400
Production speed(m/min) : 100-150
Machine power Kw(380V/50Hz) : 3.7
Overall size: (LWWWHm) : 4.5W1.0W1.5
Weight (Tons) : 1.0
Specification of jumbo roll(Width