Sell Automatic Induction Cap Sealer

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Waterless table top automat induction sealer.
Air Cooling System
Diagnostic indication lights
Coil changeover for sealing different range diameter containers through tap selector switch.
Adjustable seal head's height that suitable for different containers' application.
Auto-Start, after initial start-up, allows delivery and removal of power to the coil by an external contact.
Stainless Steel for using in harsh environment and easy to do clean & maintenance.
For plastic bottles (PP, PET, HDPE, PS, PVC etc. ) & glass containers.
Used for industrial of the pharmaceutics, food, cosmetics, chemicals etc.


Conveyor Speed: 0-10m/min | 32.8ft/min
Working Speed: 200bottles per min (PE bottle, Cap dia.32mm, H40mm, distance from foils to heating board 2mm)
Cap Diameter: 20mm - 40mm | 0.8" - 1.6"; 40mm - 80mm |1.6" - 3.5"
(Option) 80mm - 120mm | 3.5" - 4.7"
For Bottles' Height Max. 300mm | 11.8" * or customize
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz * or customize
Power Consumption: 1.7 kw
Machine Dimension: L 990 mm W 590 mm H 520 mm | L 39" W 23" H 20.5 "
Shipping Dimension: L 1090 mm W 650 mm H 550 mm | L 42.9" W 25.6" H 21.7"
Machine Weight: N. Weight:75.00 kgs | 165.3 lb. ; G. Weight: 82.00 kgs | 180.8 lb.