Sell Automatic Log Saw Machine

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1. This machine is special equipment for cutting rolled toilet paper and rolled kitchen towel with simple production, trimly cutting and high production speed.
2. It is equipped with programmable controller to auto control working procedure in production. Auto reset, push roll, cut the length of each roll with adjustable and controllable cutting lifetime period.
3. Machine is equipped with man-machine interface to control the operation with production parameter and breakdown being displayed on the screener.
4. Machine is added with photoelectric inspecting unit and servo driving unit. Electric components and bearing are domestic famous brands.
5. It is equipped with auto supplying grinding unit with high accuracy of grinding and safe guarantee.

Main Technical Parameter:

1. Length of jumbo roll:1200~2500mm( length can be set as per customers)
2. Diameter of jumbo roll: #90~#160mm (It can be produced by order)
3. Production length: cutting times 80~100times/minW2roll/per time.
4. Machine Power: 10Kw(380v, 50Hz)