Sell Automatic Mounting Press ZXQ-5

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Hot mounting press is for those irregular sample or small sample able to process sample preparation after mounting to get a parallel and flat surface, or to protect against the sample edge and surface during the sample preparation process. Nowadays, in metallurgical lab, due to commonly used of semi-auto polishing/grinding machine, standard of the sample size becomes important; most of the samples have to be mounted, so the hot mounting has become the necessary equipment.
ZXQ-5 is a fully auto hot mounting press, with water cooling capability, suitable for most materials (thermosetting and thermoplastic) hot mounting. After setting of temperature, heating time and pressure, place the sample in the mould, and pour in the resin, close with the top cover and press the start button. The cycle will be automatically until complete. Manpower to closely monitor is unnecessary. There are four models of mould. It also can mould two samples at the same time, which will double the efficiency.
1. Standard mould size: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm
2. Voltage:220V 50Hz
3. Power 1800W
4. Pressure setting range:0-2MPa (0-4Kn)
5. Temperature setting range:0-3000C
6. Time setting range:0-99m99s
7. Dimension: 615*510*500mm
8. Weight: 100kg
9. Cooling: water