Sell Automatic PET Sanitary Pad

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1. designed speed :120 meters/minute
2. production speed: 90-100 meters/minute
3. power: 380V 60Hz
4. machine power :
Main machine: 145KW (include hot melt applicator power) (set temporarily)
5. waste/reject rate: <=2%(excluding the reason caused by the hot melt applicatorsbreakdown)
6. overall size of the equipment (excluding the second step crushing system) : 25m X1.5m X3m (L x W x H) (set temporarily)
7. specification of the product: 330x 440 (L x W ) 590x 440 (L x W ) THE LENGTH AND WIDTH ARE FOR THE CUSTOMERS OPTION.
II. Specification of the raw materials:
1. wooden pulp: diameter<=1200mm, winding in roll
2. tissue paper: width is460mm diameter<=600mm, winding in roll
3. non-woven fabric: width is445mm diameter<=600mm, winding in roll
4. P. E FILM: width is445mm diameter<=500mm, winding in roll
5. tissue paper: width is 400mm diameter<=600mm, winding in roll
6. construction glue:
III. Basic processing equipment:
1. Teeth type crusher: It can deal with treated, semi-treated, untreated fluff. The feed-in volume of fluff pulp can be controlled by step-less button.
2. SAP adding device, the frequency regulator controls the volume of SAP spraying.
3. Folding the two sides of tissue paper
4. The polished cylinder press the cotton core flatly and shape the folding of tissue paper
5. Pressing net-shape unit
6. Adjusting unit for middle interval of cotton core
7. cutting unit for cotton core
8. backside film, top-sheet entering into production, spraying glue and pressed by polished cylinder for shaping.
9. silicon-rubber pressing glue unit on the both sides of products.
10. silicon-rubber pressing glue unit on the both ends of products.
11. Products are folded vertically ( tri-folded)
12. Products are cut and shaped.
13. Kicking rejects away unit
14. Products are folded horizontally (tri-folded)
15. Products are accounted and stacking.
16. Materials driving wheel is step-less adjustment.
17. Collected-dust system
18. The machine frame standing is made of rectangle steel and the plane board is 27mm thick.
19. Main motor adopts frequency regulator.
IV. Electrical appliance and others:
1. Main driving frequency regulator adopts MITSUBISHI.
2. Japan bearings NTN OR NSK
3. Japan UNITA synchronous belt
4. Japan Omron temperature controller
5. Taiwan XINYI electric-heat units
6. Taiwan AIRTECH pneumatic unit
V. Auxiliary equipment: (prepared by customer himself)
1. One set of Santai brand hot melt applicator made in Shenzhen, it sprays glue on two places, one is on N. W fabric and the other is on P. E film.
2. Air compressor(prepared by customer himself)
VI. Offer for the equipment:
1. USD180000.00
2. The offer does not include air compressors.
3. Terms of payment: 30% 0f the total value as down payment and the rest to be paid before shipment.
VII. Spare parts:
1. One set of flat-cut knife
4. Other wearing parts
5. Operation manual
VIII. After-sale service:
1. The seller is in charge of installation and adjustment of the machine as well as training the workers.
2. The offer is EX WORK price. It does not include freight. But the seller can arrange instead of the buyer if necessary.
3. The guarantee is one year from the date of delivery. The seller will supply service during the life time.
4. The seller will supply the parts of the machine at favorable price.
X. Other remarks:
1. The contract will be effect from the date of receiving the down payment from the buyer.
2. The delivery time is according to the date of receiving the down payment.
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