Sell Automatic Pet Sanitary Pad Machine

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1. It can produce products with different lengths by partial exchanging and regulation. Automatic folding and outputting in alignment after molding the products.
2. The technology in molding the products and designing are advanced, the absorbing amount of products is large, cotton core will not move in order to reach safety, hygienic and so on when using the products.
3. During production, automatic re-feed the main materials, control tension, get rid of waste products and correct the deviation.
4. The touch-screen can show the production speed and breakdown reason.

Structure & Character

1. Driving form: speed-regulate of frequency converter + universal shaft coupling + synchronous belt with high accuracy in synchronism, high in mechanism and guarantee in lifetime of the components.
2. The material to cut off blade material is of high-speed tool steel.
3. The electric components, such as, programmable controller, man-machine interface, frequency converter, tem-control model, sensor and so on are imported.
4. Cotton-spreading web wheel is large in diameter, and cotton spreading is even. The crusher is tooth-like with adjustable amount of SAP.
5. As requested, the machine can produce the tending napkin pad for patient and pregnant woman.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Designed production speed: 150m/min
2. Stable production speed: 100~120m/min
3. Specification of products: as per customer's request 4. Gsm of products: 130~300g/m2
5. Machine power: 140kw (380v 50Hz) (Include glue applicators. )
6. Overall size of equipment (L x W x H m) : 17.5 x 2.6 x 2.8m (Exclude crusher)
7. Weight of equipment: about