Sell Automatic Pillow Filling Machine Combination

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Automatic Pillow Filling Machine combination of Fibre opening and filling lines is used to open polyester fibre directly filling into the pillow cushion toy and etc.
Shun Xin new design type SX-710A-KSC manufactured via our clients producing condition opening and filling equipment based on automatic, performance, high capacity, compact, reliability, over loading protection, metal alarm system and photoelectric ration system. This results in high efficiency and labor reducing. So the cost will be very low.

1. High automatic level. The whole fibre processing line can be handled by one person with automatic system. Especially feeding belt that made with PVC material and sending the fibre to the main machine entrance automatically. It guarantees the operators safe. So and the exit. Once 50 to 80 materials can be handled.
2. Compact equipment and high efficient. The main structure manufactured with one bit roller and 7 smaller rollers. The fibre can be loosed as much as the most incompactly. The processing is with low rotate speed. Contrary the output is high and the fibre is impossible to be damaged.
3. We considered and executed according the clients daily work that the natural generation dust clean to manufacture the machine quiet user-friendly range. Its easily and simply. It only takes you few minutes to clean the machine. So the most time is for processing with this machine.
4. Over loading protection system. Based on the machine circulation elements. Every roller will be passed the moving balance examination before inspection. After this there is no shake and no noise when processing.
5. Metal induction alarm system. We developed this type according to the density between metal and nonmetal. With this design it will have an alarm immediately when a metal coming to the entrance beside the roller. It avoids the important part rollers damaged.
6. We also can delivery individual machine or complete production lines with fibre opener and stuffer machine. The whole machine can be split used choice by the operator each one. Easily and conveniently.
7. Photo switch; According to the difference rate between opening and stuffing, our R&D engineers manufactured this equipment. when the fibre quantity that the opener provides more than the stuffer needs and jammed the exit, the opener will be stopped automatically by this system until they get back into it.
8.Self-jamming card cloth. The worker rollers are not easy to be damaged after the needle generally broken with this self jamming card clothing. It is the most obviously feature of this machine.

Sphere of application:
------- Sleeping pillow
--------Sofa seating
--------Large plush toy