Sell Automatic Printer's Drying Device

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This is an excellent devices will keeping high precision to printing ouput of any brand wide format printer, during the course of printing will improve performance to the printer machine, product adopt microwave Thermal heating technolgy to replace the traditional fan style heating technology keeping high quality to image printing output, heat energy are smart transfer by air make printer machine quick come to standard working status.
Feature as Below:
1) , Production with protecting environment idea for no noise pollute to life;
2) , Low consumed power design only have 300W-750W to really work;
3) , Advanced technology for well-proportioned heating to menu lead no no distortion to printing quality;
4) , Smart Thermal heating technolgy avoid heater touching image to make destroy to image;
5) , Safe, long life and easy operation, advanced temperature adjuster built-in suitable to any media printing;
6) , Peculiar short circuit and overload technology make steady work;
7) , Friendly operation, Housing by high quality aluminum alloy keeping proof-rust for long time;
8) , LED indicatorto power on, Dial to temperature adjust, Heat insulation material built-in can bear over 1000C temperature for over 24hours press job;
9) , With no any trouble to install for any brand wide format printer achine;
10) , Installation not need to recompose structure, not need to open screw hole to any brand printer;
11) , Could be work under hard conditions with great mass printing jobs;
12) , Independence power supply system;
12A) , Suitable to various brand printer suach:Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, Epson, Hp, Canon, Novajet . Etc.
Power supply at AC-100-240V/ 50-60Hz